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Customer Testimonials
I can finally sleep at night thanks to Oak Mountain Financial. I went to my local bank for a commercial mortgage to combine my $125,000 in business credit card debt. This is a bank I have had as my bank for 18 yeas. They would not lend me the money. I then meet with the professionals of Oak Mountain. Not only did they help me consolidate the $125,000 which saved me over $30,000 a year. I was able to borrow an additional $52,000 to use for my business. My bank loan officer was amazed because for the last three years my business has shown loses. 
Jim, Owner, Liquor Store

Oak Mountain really came through for us. Cash flow was very tight and we had taken a merchant cash advance from another company. When, we spoke with Rick Meers he had suggested that we use our account receivables to get the cash we need. Oak Mountain helped us set up the financing we needed and get rid of the very high rate merchant cash advance. 
Marc, Owner, Manufacturer
         Rick Meers and Oak Mountain Financial really was there with 
         help when I needed it. I wanted to purchase a commercial          property for my business and buy out my partner. I talked to 4          banks none would help because of the nature of my business.          My business is profitable and I have good credit. Rick had no 
        problem getting me a term loan for 10 years and a commercial
        mortgage at a very good rate. I would recommend Oak 
        Mountain to any business owner looking to expand their 
        Kurt, Owner, Telecommunications

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      Oak Mountain Financial was there     when I really needed help. I had a     private mortgage for 6 years and was     paying interest only of $2300 per month.     The people at Oak Mountain were able     to get me a much lower rate and give     me extra money for my business. They     ended up saving me and my business     around $20,000 per year. I would     recommend Oak Mountain Financial to     any business owner looking for     financing for their business.
    Dan, Owner, Auto Repair